Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday March 19, 2007

Theme for the day: Three Faces of Democracy:
  1. Progressive

  2. Protective

  3. Participatory

After breakfast two hour workshop about what your political views are. How to know if you are liberal, moderate or conservative.

Out to lunch to Ben's Chilli Bowl (Survived through the riots of Martin Luther King's assasination) for Jessie, Mrs. Fay, and me... Dion, Chris, and Rob went to lunch with their friends from Oklahoma School for the Blind

  • Ask us about Jordan's driving critique

Visited the Jefferson, F.D.R. , and Lincoln memorials - -very impressive

Out to dinner at Buca di Beppo - Italian family style resturant

  • ask us the new words we learned from the Hawaian girls

Back to the hotel for a domestic issues debate. It was awesome....the liberal side crushed the conservative guy. We really got into it...Robby was impressive.

Then we met in Fay's room to continue the debate and it got quite heated. Who knew politics could be so exciting????

Today was really busy but a lot of fun and we are learning a lot about government and how to be better citizens and meeting kids from all over the country.

  • Ask us about the kids from Nebraska and North Dakota and how big their schools are.

Looking forward to tommorow.


wattup said...

The trip seems like fun and a good learning experience. I hope it is available in the coming years.

What was Dion's subway experience?

Also what are the new words the kids learned from the Hawaiian girls?

Amanda said...

LOVE the picture!

Miss Marcou

jeanette said...

Congrats on your trip! Any inside info on Gonzales? Can you find out how entrenched Karl Rove is this new Republican debacle?

More food for thought: "The Bush-sponsored Patriot Act, which is supposed to protect the nation from foreign terrorists, provides a loophole that allows the White House to replace US attorneys without the review and approval of the Senate" (Boston Phoenix 3/14). Does this worry you as Americans?
How about the other students you are meeting? How do they feel?

I am proud of you all!!
Ms. Amiano